The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"


The Church

The Church of St Timothy’s can be reached from either North Main Street or King Philip Drive. See parking lot information below. It is wheelchair-accessible with special areas in the pews are provided on the external aisles for wheelchairs so that families can sit together. There is a circular drive for dropping off and picking up passengers. Reconciliation areas are located off the two entrance foyers.



Saint Timothy Middle School (STMS), on the same property as the church, serves approximately 150 students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The main doors are the blue doors to the left of the church. In addition to the classrooms it has an auditorium, music room, library/media center, computer lab and kitchen. These rooms are available to the church and approved organizations for meetings. During Mass, the music room is available for families with small children. The Music Room has a closed-circuit TV to give access to the celebration of the Mass.


Parking Lots

There are two parking lots for the church and school. One can be reached from North Main Street, with the entrance across from Northwest Catholic. The other parking lot is reached via two entrances on King Philip Drive. Special parking for people with disabilities is available near the entrances to the church and O’Connell Hall in this parking lot.

Milligan Hall

The library and media center is a newly built structure attached to the school. It is named in honor of a long-standing parishioner Andrew Milligan. Many meetings are held here. However, food and liquids are not allowed.

O’Connell Hall

O’Connell Hall, named for Vitaline O’Connell, serves as the auditorium. It is usually accessed through the school. However, when needed items may be dropped off or picked up through the exit doors of the auditorium itself. In these cases, access should be made from the King Philip Drive parking lot. Many activities take place in O’Connell Hall.


The Rectory is located at 1116 North Main Street, West Hartford CT, 06117. The Church Office, Parish Secretary/Business Manager, and Pastoral Associate are also located in this building during normal working hours. To contact the Rectory please call 860-233-5131.

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