The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"


History of the Church of St Timothy

The Parish of St. Timothy was founded in 1958 to meet the needs of 450 families in West Hartford, CT.

Its first pastor, the late Reverend Francis O’Neill, guided it for the first thirty years.  Ground was broken for the church and school in September 1959 and the first Mass was celebrated in the church in June 1960.

Before the current church was built, Sunday Masses were offered at King Philip School; daily Mass was celebrated in a small chapel behind the rectory. This building is now the priest’s garage. The rectory, built in the 1700’s, is considered an historic landmark.

Priests Who Have Served the Church of Saint Timothy:


Rev. Francis O’Neill 1959 – 1989
Rev. Henry P. Cody 1989 – Present

Assistant Pastors

Bishop Peter A. Rosazza
Rev.  Francis A. Hale
Rev. Joseph T. Kaminsky
Rev. Robert R. Angelo
Rev. William R. Sokolowski
Rev. Gregory M. Altermatt
Rev. James F. Leary
Rev. Stephen Foley
Rev. Randall Blackall
Rev. Kevin Forsyth
Rev. Alphonse S. Labieniec
1961 – 1963
1963 – 1968
1968 – 1970
1970 – 1974
1974 – 1976
1977 – 1981
1981 – 1987
1987 – 1991
1991 – 1992
1992 – 2000

Weekend Associates

Rev.  William R. Charbonneau
Rev.  Henry C. Frascadore
Rev.  Joseph C. Gengras
Rev.  Thomas J. Lynch
Msgr. William J. Mullen
Rev.  Joseph H. Pettit
Rev.  John J. Stack
Rev.  Lawrence G. Wrenn

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