The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"

Faith Formation Introduction Letter

Faith Formation Introduction Letter

Saint Timothy School of Religion
225 King Philip Drive
West Hartford CT 06117

Dear Parents:

The Faith Formation teachers and I look forward to sharing a happy and productive year with your child. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share in your child’s religious journey. We take our responsibility seriously and will strive to enrich your child’s faith.

Several points need to be addressed in order to ensure that the year goes smoothly. First, it is important to emphasize that our teachers VOLUNTEER their time. They choose to give freely of their time in order to enrich our children’s religious heritage. Please make it a point to know the name and phone number of your child’s teacher. Please feel free to check in with them periodically to see how things are going.

Respectful behavior is crucial to ensure the program runs smoothly. We need your support and encouragement every step of the way. We strive to be an actively Christian community. Please take time to empress these values on your child.

We have a few simple rules. As food and beverage are not allowed in the classroom, we ask that your child have a snack BEFORE the start of class. Our class time is short and we encourage the use of the facilities BEFORE class. Gum is not allowed. Gentlemen are asked to remove their hats in the building. Toys are not allowed to be used in the classroom. The contents of the desk belong to the St Timothy students and are NOT to be touched by Faith Formation students.

The teachers and I assume that all students are well behaved. Should a child prove matters differently, I will take action. If your child is disruptive in class, it is considered a warning. If the behavior is repeated, the child visits me. A third time warrants a phone call home and appropriate measures will be discussed.

Please check the calendar weekly. We follow the West Hartford school calendar. If your child is going to be absent from class, on the day of their class please call or text my cell phone: (860-462-3886). Also, please feel free to call me at home (860-521-3006) or e-mail me at: if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to serve you and your child. Thanks.


Stephanie Barnes

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