The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"

Altar Server Schedule February-May 2014

Church of St. Timothy

Altar Server Schedule

February – May 4, 2014


Team 1:  Joseph Cyriac, James Sarnese, Jesse Thermer

Team 2:  Jefny Pally, Apoorva Sajan, Kylee Colbert

Team 3:  Marie and Tim Cotter, Jenna Zydanowicz

Team 4:  Alessandra and Matthew Mitrano, Michael Greco

Team 5:  Bobby and Sarah Gerity, Padraig Deveney

Team 6:  Christopher and Stephen Gosselin, Justin Narikatte

Team 7: Joshua and Jessica Fernandes, Mikayla Schwartz

Team  8:  Bridget, Corinne and Patrick Daly

Team  9:  Karstian and Arielena Lang,  Stephen Greco

Team 10:  Marialena, Christiana and Michael Bevilacqua

Team 11:  Katherine, Nora and Grace Policelli

Team 12: Joshua and Justin Abraham, Margaret Devlin

Team 13 Lydia and Brian Chelli, Caroline Greco

Sub. Tanner Cohane

4:00 Mass 8:30 Mass 10:30 Mass

March 1 & 2 Team 8 Team 9 Team 12

March 5  Ash Wednesday  7:00P.M.  Team 7

March 8 & 9 Team   5 Team  1 Team 2

March 15 & 16 Team   6 Team  3 Team 4

March 22 & 23 Team 10 Team   13 Team  12

March 29 & 30 Team 4               Team   11   Team   2

April 5 & 6 Team 7 Team 1   Team 8

Holy Week

April 12&13 Palm Sunday

4:00 Mass:  Marialena, Christiana and Michael Bevilacqua

8:30 Mass: Joseph Cyriac, James Sarnese, Jenna Zydanowicz

            10:30 Mass: Katherine, Nora and Grace Pollicelli

April 17 Holy Thursday   7:30 P.M.  Jeffny Pally, Apoorva Sajan, Kylee Colbert

April 18 Good Friday  3:00 P.M. Christopher and Stephen Gosselin

April 19:  Holy Saturday  Tommy Gerity, Atul Sajan, Ike Udeh

April 20:  Easter Sunday

8:30 Mass:     Team   6

10:30 Mass:  Team  13

April 26 & 27 Team  4 Team  9 Team 5 

Saturday, May 3  First Communion:  

10:00 A.M. Jenna Zydanowicz, Padriag Deveney,  James Sarnese

  1:00 P.M.   Katherine, Nora and Grace Policelli

May 3 & 4

Team 4 Team  3 Team  12

Dear Parents,.  If you need a substitute, please try and make that switch early in the week.

I always appreciated your letting me know by Thursday at noon.  

The new altar server schedule is for March, April and the first weekend of May., Holy Week  and Easter. I have tried very hard to make sure you are not scheduled when you told me you would be out of town.  Please mark your calendar now so you do not miss the day your child will serve.  If you find you are not able to be here, please try and get a sub.  It is also VERY IMPORRTANT that your child/children arrive 15 minutes before Mass begins.  Rushing in at the last minute upsets them and puts us in a bind as to who will be serving at Mass. If you find your child is unable to be present at the last minute, please call the sacristy so we know to look for a replacement at our end. The number is 860-231-1258. I am also sending you and updated contact list.

Thank you for all you do.  Your faithfulness is so appreciated.

May the God of peace be with you and your beautiful family during this holy season and the New Year.

Peace! Blessings!  

 Pat Piano

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