The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"


Community Outreach– Outreach Committee Members are caring people who demonstrate the presence of Christ to others in need through listening to the needs of others, proactively collecting and distributing needed items and resources, helping others in need and providing financial support as approved by the Pastor and Parish Council.


Environment –The Environment Committee was created out of a need to widen the work of the Liturgy committee by supplying decorative and symbolic elements that communicate the themes of the Liturgical seasons and celebrations.

Evagelization– The Evangelization/Stewardship Committee develops ways to spread the Gospel among our parishioners and to the community at large.

Facilities – The Facilities Committee works very closely with the Finance Council to make recommendations on the physical status of the parish: buildings, grounds, roadways, parking lots, etc.

Family Liturgy – The work of this committee is to tend the Family Liturgy that is currently celebrated four times in the school year.

Finance Council– St. Timothy’s has a special council to advise Father Cody on financial affairs.

Liturgy -The Liturgy Committee is a group of parish members who, with the Deacon and Pastoral Associate, take on the responsibility for tending the liturgy.

Parish Council – The Parish Council consists of nine elected parishioners and several others who serve because of their positions within the parish. The Council is an “umbrella” that serves as an advisory body to the pastor on matters of general concern to the parish.

Parish Social – The Parish Social Life Committee develops and promotes, in cooperation with other organizations in the parish, ways to bring the parish together as a community through various activities, program and functions.

Small Christian Communities – Small Christian Communities help ordinary people help each other to connect life and faith regularly. It is hoped that through participation in a SCC members make a real difference in each other’s lives and faith.

Women’s Group

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