The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"

Parish of St. Timothy Ministers of Holy Communion

 Parish of St. Timothy Ministers of Holy Communion

Schedule: March – April 2014

Date                   4:00 Mass     8:30 Mass     10:30 Mass

March 1 &2 Priest, Dowling      Priest , E. Thomas   Priest, Piano

Daly, Carpenter C. Thomas, S.Travers   Cullen, P. Travers

March 5 Ash Wednesday:

7:30 A.M.     12:05P.M. 5:30P.M.

A.M. Team Priest, Piano, Deacon, Dowling,

Jack and Jean Tressy C & E Thomas


March 8 & 9 Priest, Deacon     Priest, Deacon   Deacon, Piano

Ferguson,Seremet     Brouillard, Piano Markiewicz,Carpenter


March 15 & 16 Priest, Deacon     Priest , Deacon   Deacon, Piano

J & C Dowd     Stone,Milligan   Pally, Cullen


March 22 & 23 Priest, Deacon             Priest, Deacon     Deacon, Piano

P. Travers, Driscoll           Brouillard,Diegor         Hill, Daly


March 29 & 30 Priest, Deacon Priest, Deacon     Deacon, Piano

Cullen,Shepherd Dowling,Piano     Curis, Belanger


April 5&6       Priest, Deacon, Priest, Deacon Deacon, Fox

           J & C Dowd Kuhn, Piano Piano, Milligan

Wine: Fasy, Hill Keith, Markiewicz       Murphy, GoldschmidtHoly Week

Palm Sunday 

April 12 & 13 Priest, Deacon Priest, Deacon Piano. Deacon

Murphy, Seremet S. Travers, Stone, P. Travers, Daly

  Wine: Shea,Ferguson C&E Thomas J & J Tressy


Holy Thursday:

 (7:30 P.M.) Priest, Deacon, Stone, Ferguson, (Wine) Belanger, Healey

Good Friday:

  (3:00 P.M.) Priest, Deacon, Piano, Carpenter

Holy Saturday: Priest, Deacon, Piano, Pally, (Wine)  Dowling, Driscoll

(8:00 P.M.)

Easter Sunday: 8:30 A.M.         10:30 A.M.

April 20, 2014           Priest, Deacon                   Priest, Deacon,

      P. Travers, Belanger S. Travers,Cullen

Wine: Hill, Milligan       L. Fasy, Fox


April 26 & 27 Priest, Deacon Priest, Deacon Deacon, Piano

C&J Dowd       Goldschmidt, Daly Curis, O’Donnell

(wine)Dowling, Shea C & E Thomas Keith, Kuhn


Dear Ministers of Holy Communion,

#1. I have tried very hard to honor all your requests.  If you find that you are not available please get a substitute and let me know who that is by calling me at the rectory at 860-232-8594) by Thursday at NOON.

#2.  If you wake up on Sunday A.M. and find you are sick please call the kitchen at STMS and speak with Mert Champagne, our sacristan: 860- 231-1258. 

#3.  Again, please try and arrive no later than 15 minutes before Mass begins.  We begin to look for replacements at that time. 

#4.  Thank you so much for being aware of the guidelines that we spoke of at our last update meeting.  Things look and are moving so much better.

#5.  Thank you! Thank you!   Thank you! For your faithfulness to this very special ministry.






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