The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"

Greeter Schedule


4:00 8:30     10:30

1st Sunday

Merrily Moynihan 1.2. Tom and Brenda Dybick 

1. Irene Glassman

2. Jody Dowling 3. Felicia Lazur 2.Erin Schmucker

2nd Sunday

1.Kathy Alquist       1. Susan Brown 1.Ann Barrieau

2.  Bertina Williams 2.  Paula Dorn 2.  Open

3rd Sunday 1.Jack Armata 1. Open

1.Merrily Moynihan       

2. Paula Tinto 2. Kay Nash   2.Open

4th Sunday

1. Sr. Patricia  Brewer 1 & 2 Michael and Mgt. 1.Open

5th Sunday 1.  Susan Brown 1. Open


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