The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"


Who are we?

Lectors are parish members who have a love for scripture and work hard to proclaim God’s Word to the assembly. To proclaim God’s Word as Paul would have, or, for that matter, Jeremiah or Isaiah, means that for a short while each Sunday the lector may not be him/herself, that, however briefly, they become Paul, …writing from prison, chiding, exhorting, expressing his hopes for the future of the vulnerable new Christian communities. It is the job of the Lector to sound as if the Scripture writer is truly in our midst yet- and this is perhaps the most difficult part – never seeming to be acting.

Just as great actors and actresses seem to be able to sublimate their own personalities in order to portray the roles they are given, so we who are given the task of proclaiming the Word of God at Mass must be able to shed our own skins and assume the masks of Peter, Paul, Abraham, and when necessary, even the Lord God. To read Sacred Scripture to the members of the Christian Community is to cultivate – And by cultivating to carry on – a tradition many thousands of years old. What we do is more than a privilege; it is a responsibility that demands our ablest efforts. When we walk to the ambo to read, all else pales when compared with what we are about to do. Yet, though the task may sometimes seem a bit awesome, never doubt that we are equal to it.  Allen Brings, from Some Reflections on the Art of “Lectoring”
(St. Louis , MO:  Adoremus Bulletin, 2002.)

How do I become a Lector?

Lectors go through a training with the leader of our Lectors. Training includes some background on the ministry of the Lector, techniques for preparation, and an overview of the ministry here at St. Timothy Parish. All Lectors are given materials to help in the Proclamation of God’s word as well as workshops on the use of the microphone. To learn more about becoming a Lector, call Patricia Piano at the Rectory at 860-232-8594.

How much time will it involve?

Lectors are placed on a schedule that includes several months and are called upon to proclaim God’s word 2-3 times each schedule.

How do I know I would make a good Lector?

If you love scripture, like to speak in front of groups and have a voice that is understood for clarity and tone, you may be a candidate to become a Lector.

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