The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"

Men’s Retreat League

The Men’s Retreat League is a group of men who organize the Men’s Retreat each year. The Men’s Retreat League serves as a vehicle for all adult men of the parish community to come together for a weekend of reflection, relaxation, prayer, and spiritual inspiration and sustenance.

There is an opportunity for private, individual self-renewal in the peaceful environment away from the pressures of work, home, and family anxieties. All events are voluntary. The retreat is thematic in nature and aimed at meeting the needs for mental, physical, and spiritual renewal.

Held in February, the retreat takes place at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center, a self-contained spacious 65 acre campus on Tunxis Road in West Hartford. The Passionist Team consists of five individuals (Sisters, Priests, and lay ministers), all experienced and well trained in delivering an outstanding spiritual experience.

For more information call the Rectory at 860-233-5131.

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