The Church of St. Timothy

"There are no strangers here only friends we have not met yet"


Homily from Jan 12, 2014

He was born that way (Fr. Frascadore)


Tribute to G.K. Chesterton

He’s deaf.
He was born that way.
He’s good for nothing.
You can take him.
I’ll save on food and shelter.

So Joseph took him.
On him Mary rode to Bethlehem.

There Joseph helped her to dismount.
She slid carefully passed the donkey’s ears.
She touched them softly and said,
“Thank you.”

In the barn the donkey took his place by the manger.

The night was quiet.
It was still,
Until the baby came and was laid upon the hay.
Then at sounds the donkey had never heard before
Stood and bowed his head.

They think me deaf and dumb
But they are wrong, oh, so wrong
For I of all
Am the first of to have bowed
Before the One
Through whom all we see around us now
Has come.

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